Brands' Amazing Stories: 🐟Fish Feed to Pet Food🐱

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Brands' Amazing Stories: 🐟Fish Feed to Pet Food🐱

Most of us would never have imagined that fish feed could be the inspiration of a pet food brand. FirstMate’s story brought a new perspective to our eyes. The length of adaptability and creativity the brand would pursue is something we should really learn from.

FirstMate started off in the aquaculture industry. Their company, Taplow Ventures Ltd., was the supplier of very high quality aquaculture feed providing food for the salmon farms in the Pacific Northwest. The farms’ guard dogs used to get occasional mouthful of Taplow food as a treat. Days went by, they noticed that the dogs were putting on weight and their coats became sleek and shiny. The farmers were pleasantly surprised and thus initiated the idea to make a specific food for dogs, and subsequently for cats, using the same high quality ingredients. That’s how FirstMate was born.

Throughout the actual blog from FirstMate’s official website, we, the cats at Meow Merchants have also learnt a really important lesson which is how teamwork within Firstmate makes the crucial key to their current state of success.

Were you surprised by FirstMate’s brand story as we were?🌼

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