Memories of 2020

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Memories of 2020

Dear Feline Friend,

Thank you for taking your time to check out our new blog post! The year 2020 may be quite a tough year for many, but it has also definitely brought lots of new ideas to everyone! Who knew that having online meeting would be a new norm now? 

Meow Merchants started as a small idea from a local pair of sisters and our website went live on the 16th June 2020. Through lots of laughter, cries, ups & downs, we made it through the year and are now almost 6 months old!

As a women-owned business team, it definitely has it's own perks & weaknesses. We definitely are not as strong when it comes to carrying really heavy boxes, but we made it up with team work! We are also lucky that we are able to handmade most of our marketing items from designing of online & offline visuals to crafting gifts for you! 

Working with Welfare Groups

In 2020, we have been given the chance to work with 3 of Singapore's very own cat welfare groups!
Meow Merchants successfully joint hands with Instinct Pet Food Asia, Can & Clover and Noble Advance to come up with 20 Adoption Kits in hopes to help Keepcats to send a warm welcome to the kitties when they get adopted to their new homes.
2. CWS (Cat Welfare Society Singapore)
We took part in a meaningful Christmas Fundraising Project with CWS - The BOTTOMLESS CHRISTMAS BAG! The 20 goodie bags were filled with all sorts of items for both cats and their humans sponsored by different local brands. All proceeds goes to CWS for their cat rescue efforts.
3. PurelyMeow (From Purely Adoptions)
Throughout our journey, we have been really close to our old friend, Purely Adoptions. We continuously worked with PurelyMeow in hopes for more projects to be launched in 2021. We have also donated some cat food for the kitties!
༻✦༺  ༻✧༺ ༻✦༺  

Many wonderful, memorable friendships & partnerships have formed. I couldn't thank everyone enough in this journey through the year. It is definitely a crazy journey to step out a 9-5 job and to invest my savings into starting Meow Merchants. But will I do it again? A 100% yes! It has been real crazy to fulfil a dream deep inside my heart. Thank you every single one of you out there. See you 2021! Cheers, Ching.
Special Thanks To
Noble Advance
Can & Clover
Yappy Pets
Mars Food
Instinct Pet Food Asia
The Bestiary
Tuck Kee Pets
Happy Cats
Tails Inc
Food Farm Pte Ltd
CMC Ventures
Starpet Marketing
Shoutout to our Friends
& many more...
P.S. Wished we could do a better looking blogpost, but we seem to be having some issues aligning texts and paragraph space, oops!

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  • Yappy Pets

    Hello Meow Merchant~ Hello Ching, Thank you for being supportive of us too. You are always sucha creative individual and we adore all your new ideas and secretly hope to buy all your creative merch. Hoping for an even closer working relationship in 2021 ! Jia you!

  • Instinct Pet Food SE Asia

    Hi Meow Merchant’s family!! First of all, we would like to wish you a good and promising year ahead. With passion and perseverance, we are sure you will bring Meow Merchant to a new height! Press on ladies and let’s work and strive together to strengthen our relationship.  いいしおにがばでください!

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