Catit Magic Blue Litter - Available in 2 sizes

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The Catit Magic Blue Litter Box provides optimal air filtration, allowing for privacy while combating the hazardous ammonia gases found in cat urine. The hood captures the ammonia inside the box - even if you choose to remove the front door - enabling the Magic Blue filter pads to absorb and neutralize the gases much more easily and effectively.

The raised rear design of the litter box prevents leaks from urinating or spraying and the top door folds open all the way, allowing easy scooping access to every inch, from front to back. The front door's special opening mechanism enables it to lift outward and upward easily, preventing paws or tails from getting caught and the neutral duo-tone color palette of the litter box ensures that it will fit in with any room decor.

Key Features|

  • Free Magic Blue Cartridge: helps neutralize foul odors
  • Raised rear design: helps prevent leaks
  • Flip-up top door: provides easy scooping accessibility
  • Cat-friendly front door: special opening mechanism prevent paws or tails from getting caught
  • Carrying handle
  • Slider locks for extra security
  • Color : cool gray top with dark base
  • Available in 2 sizes: regular and jumbo

Dimensions for litter box |
Regular 39 x 57 x 47 cm / Jumbo 43 x 57 x 47 cm
Dimensions for door opening| 25 x 27 cm