Cattyman Natural Silvervine Gall Fruits 15g & Toy

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This product is meant for play time, should not be used as a food-based treat, but is perfectly safe if your cat consumes some from time to time.

CattyMan Silvervine Gall Fruits makes a highly potent fun cat toy! Give them CattyMan Silvervine Gall Fruits and watch them play, batting the interested in play if you prefer.
The euphoric state induced by silvervine can positively impact your cat’s emotional and physical well-being.

Each set comes with 15 grams of Silvervine gall fruits and a mouse toy.

Country of Origin | Japan

Ingredients | Silvervine Gall Fruits – Silvervine Fruits

Material |  Mouse Toy – Polypropylene, Bird Feathers

    Weight | 15g & Toy