DooDoo Buster

DooDoo Buster Soy Cat Litter (Sand) Destroyer 6 x 6L

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Available in Soy Pellet or Soy Sand form!

DOO DOO DESTROYER Soy based cat litter is developed with the idea of using pure natural botanical ingredients (Soybean, corn and wood fiber) with non-toxic natural aroma thus do not affect the health of cats.

It is designed using the golden ratio used by European top-grade formula, which strongly inhibits and absorbs odour.

Designed to feel like sand so that it will be acceptable by most cats and cats that are
new to soy based litter will find it easier to adapt.


  • Using food grade material, manufactured in a food processing factory. Safe if ingested
  • Acceptable by most cat because it’s near to natural sand feel on their paw
  • 100% Biodegradable litter, flushable in small quantity
  • Dust-free, non-toxic, high absorbent rate and odour control 250%

    Instructions to Use |

    1. Pour the cat litter a litter box and lay a thickness of 4-6 cm.
    2. Every day, scoop up solidify and clump cat litter. As the litter can quickly dispersed in water, it can be flushed directly into the toilet.
    3. It is recommended to replace the cat litter completely once every 3 weeks and clean and disinfect the litter box.


    Ingredients | Soy bean, corn, wood fibre

    Weight | 6 x 6L