Maxxipaws MaxxiUtract Urinary Tract & Bladder Health Powder 60g

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Optimum support for your cat's urinary tract and bladder health

Urinary health is about much more than just UTI. There are many problems that can affect a cat’s lower urinary system. Incontinence, bladder stones or crystals in the urine, bacterial infections, trauma or even obstruction of the urethra, the tube that allows urine to pass from the bladder to the outside of the body, can occur (WebMD).

maxxiUtract cares for your cat’s urinary, bladder and kidney health by supporting and strengthening the whole of the urinary system. Which can help your cat to recover more quickly from many urinary and bladder health issues.

  • maxxiUtract for cats naturally nurtures and cares for the whole of your cat's urinary system
  • Specifically designed to care for your cat’s urinary, kidney and bladder health
  • Help to prevent painful urinary tract infection, UTI recurrence and aid recovery

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    | USA


     Active Ingredients Per Scoop (1g) Potential Benefits


    160mg May reduce the risk of UTI and help prevent recurrence
    Cranberry Berry Extract 4:1 Powder 150 mg May reduce the risk of UTI caused by the E. coli bacteria and help prevent recurrence
    Pumpkin Extract (seed) 150 mg Antioxidant, diuretic and good for urinary incontinence
    Silica 61 mg Supports the urinary tract tissues and has a soothing effect on the urinary tract
    Cornsilk 10 mg Potent diuretic that is effective in soothing inflammation and irritation in the bladder
    Magnesium (as citrate) 5.4 mg Can help with bladder control and incontinence
    Pyridoxine-Vitamin B6 1.1 mg Supports the immune system and bladder function
    Riboflavin 1.1 mg Reduces the risk of vitamin B2 deficiency due to frequent urination


    Feeding GuideWe always recommend starting slowly with any new supplement and gradually increasing the amount given. This allows your cat to get used to the new ingredients, both the taste and texture, and helps to minimise the risk of any potential stomach upset.

    The recommended maintenance dosage is shown on the back of the label. If you are using maxxiUtract for a specific health condition (e.g. to help your cat to recover quicker from UTI), then you may want to increase the dosage while getting the condition under control. The recommended saturation dosage is double the maintenance amount.

    You can reduce the dosage to the maintenance dosage once the condition has improved. This is one of the many benefits of powder formulation. It is easy to adjust the dosage in line with your cat’s needs over time.

    Weight | 60g