MeoWow Smoked Salmon Meat Stick (7x10g)

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MeoWow Smoked Salmon Meat Stick is rich in DHA, EPA and Omega-3 fatty acids. This highly nutritious snack also features taurine to boost heart health.

A premium, nutritious snack that contains heart-healthy taurine with essential amino acids.
Flavours include mozarella, which is rich in protein, calcium, Vitamin A and B2, as well as salmon and tuna, which contains a wealth of DHA, EPA and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Country of Origin |

Ingredients |

Chicken breast, salmon, sugar, starch, taurine, canola oil, soy protein, guar gum, refined salt, smoke flavor, purified water

Nutritional Information | 

Crude protein 15% min
Crude fat 2.0% min
Crude fiber 3.0% max
Crude ash 3.0% max
Calcium 0.03% min
Phosphorus 0.1% min
Moisture 70% max

Weight | 7 x 10g

Feeding Guidelines |

Serve as treats or snacks. Ensure an adequate amount of fresh and clean water at all times.