Nurture Pro

Nurture Pro Nano Colloidal Silver Spray (2 Sizes: 60ml/120ml)

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99.999% pure silver particles and purified water, Contains no fillers, artificial stabilisers, additives, colourings, salts or proteins

Directions to Use |
External Use: Spray freely over infected area 2-3 times daily. If the skin problem is serious, spray it 5 times a day and reduce the frequency after the symptoms are relieved.

Internal Use: 2 times spray per 5kg bodyweight once daily. It's best to spray 30 minutes before or after food and water consumption.

Eye & Ear Use: Spray 1-2 spritz into the eye or ear 1-2 times daily until infection has cleared. Frequency may be increased as required.

Weight | 60ml / 120ml