*PROMO* Haengbok-Cat 15° Cat Head Elevated Bowl (2 Colours Available)

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Happy dining in Haengbok-Cat's 15° Cat Head Elevated Bowl!

Seeing double?👀 It's an adorable cat-shape designed bowl that is both functional and aesthetically artistic! Designed with safety in mind, the bowl ends with curved surfaces.
  • The 15° Tilt Design - This calculated height reduces stress caused on cat's neck and back. With a comfortable dining posture, it prevents the risk of arthritis. 

  • Raised Stand - A raised stand design lowers pressure of your cat's neck & joints while reducing digestive health issues caused by prolonged bending posture.

  • Convenient Cleaning - The cat bowls are removable from the stand for convenience in cleaning after meals! With the bowls removed, it's so easy for cat's family members to prepare the delicious meals that your cats will exclaim 맛있어요 (mashisoyo - it's delicious)

  • Suitable for Cats & Small Dogs.

  • 2 Colours Available: Grey Kitty, Black Cat 


Materials |

Grey Kitty - Plastic (Toluene, Calcium Benzene, Straw)

Black Cat - Plastic

Measurements | (L)18cm, (B)15cm, (H)15cm

Brand StoryHaengbok-Cat brand was inspired by the pun for 행복해 (haengbokhae) which stands for "I'm Happy" in Korean. The brand proudly curates a collection of numerous no-brand but affordable & fun products for your meow-pal! Hope the products bring a smile to your faces!