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Steve's Real Food Enhance - Eggs Over Easy 5oz (Contains Pork)

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Get creative with Steve's Real Food Enhancers!

  • Sprinkle on meals as food topper
  • Form a paste by mixing them with water/goat milk/goat yoghurt as wet toppers or treats
  • Make an icy treat by freezing the enhancers mixed with water/goat milk

Eggs Over Easy is one of the only 100% protein based food toppers available on the market.

Enhancing a pet’s food has never been easier or more nutritious. We do not add any unnecessary fillers and keep it simple with protein-based superfoods. Eggs are packed full of bioti--a nutrient whose primary function is to help metabolize carbohydrates and fats. This is what makes it a perfect topper for a kibble diet since it will help to process the non-bioavailable ingredients. Eggs are also a good source of choline which backs up biotin's benefits by supporting a healthy metabolism, liver function, and energy production.

If you are going to top your food to add raw nutrition and protein, enhance it with Eggs Over Easy.

 | Eggs, Pork Heart

Nutritional Information | 
Crude Protein: 41.1% Min
Crude Fat: 25.3% Min.
Crude Fiber: 0.0% Max.
Moisture: 5.5% Max.

Calories Content |
Calories: 4490 per kg (127 per oz)
High in Vitamin A, Copper and B12
Biotin to Improve Digestion

Minerals |

Feeding Guidelines 
Top your pet's current diet with Eggs Over Easy a few times a week to add key essential nutrients such as biotin, which aids digestion.

| 5oz