ThunderShirt Anxiety & Calming Solution for Cats (3 Sizes)

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#1 Vet Recommended Solution for Cats

ThunderShirt for Cats is the original, natural calming solution for cats. The patented design applies a gentle, constant pressure that has a significant calming effect on over 80% of cats. Using pressure to relieve anxiety in people and animals has been a common practice for years, like swaddling an infant, or using a weighted blanket.

The ThunderShirt for Cats is perfect for reducing anxiety during vet visits, nail trimming, travel, or other general anxiety issues. Preventative vet visits are very important for maintaining cat health. Thousands of families have seen the ThunderShirt transform their vet visits/travel, and have been able to provide better and more consistent care for their beloved cats.


  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Over 80% effective
  • Drug-free and easy to use
  • No training required
  • Attractive, durable, machine-washable fabric

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 Size Weight
Small < 4 kg
Medium 4-6 kg
Large > 6 kg

Colour | Gray