Urine Off

Urine Off Veterinarian Strength Cat & Kitten Odor & Stain Remover 500ml

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Specially formulated to remove urine stains.
Removes permanently!
Suitable for both hard & soft surfaces.
Neutralise unpleasant smells.
Uses a mix of microorganisms & enzymes — digest urine crystals.

Urine Off Veterinarian Strength Cat & Kitten Odour & Stain Remover are specially formulated to help remove urine stains — they help remove stains permanently!

Suitable for use on both hard & soft surfaces, Urine Off Veterinarian Strength Cat & Kitten Odour & Stain Removers are effective at neutralising unpleasant smells & removing stains.

Urine Off Veterinarian Strength Cat & Kitten Odour & Stain Remover uses a mix of naturally occurring microorganisms and enzymes to effectively remove stains and odours.

The unpleasant smell present in your cat’s urine can be neutralised using Urine Off Veterinarian Strength Cat & Kitten Odour & Stain Remover by breaking down the uric acid crystals.

Ingredients |
Proprietary ingredients contains enzymes (bio enzymatic technology).

Direction For Use |
Shake well before use. Do not dilute with other cleaners. Store in a cool location.
1. Always check if there is any discoloration on a non-obvious spot before using.
2. Absorb fresh urine using an absorbent pad or a paper towel.
3. Saturate the soiled areas and pass the edge of the stain.
4. Allow Urine Off to work.

For fresh deposits (takes a few minutes).
For old stains (cover area with plastic & allow it to remain overnight). Remove plastic and air dry. Re-apply Urine-Off, allow it to remain for a few minutes. Old strands/deposits may require multiple treatments.

For use in litter boxes/hard surfaces: scrub with a brush to help penetrate urine build-up.
For use on carpet/fabric: Always spot clean with Urine-Off before shampooing. Urine spreads 2-4 times the size of surface mark as it soaks into pad with sub flooring. Urine Off must contact all urine soiled areas to area. After the final application, use a carpet/upholstery extractor or rinse sparingly with water and blot with a towel to remove all residue and minimise water spotting.

Weight | 500ml