Aixia Iitoko Dori Hakata Jidori - Chicken with Jellied Broth (12x40g)

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From farm straight to your cats dinner bowl.Aixia Iitoko Dori Hakata Jidori Chicken w/Jellied Broth uses 100% Hakata-Jidori chicken raised only on designated farms in Fukuoka prefecture. Hakata-Jidori are prided for their higher nutritional content.Your cat will find the delicate meat and umami-filled flavour of the Hakata Jidori pouch simply irresistible!


Meat (chicken fillet, chicken extract, chicken liver powder), protein hydrolyzate, yeast extract, sugar, fish collagen peptide, thickening polysaccharide, vitamin E

Nutritional Information |

  • Protein 9.4percent
  • Lipid 0.4percent
  • Crude fiber 0.1percent
  • Ash content 2.5percent
  • Moisture 87.4percent

Made in Japan

Weight |12 x 40g