Aixia Kenko Immunity Support Tuna Paste Pouch Cat Food (40g x 24)

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Kenko Pouch for Immunity Support supports the immune system of your cat with nutritious Skipjack Tuna with added B-Glucan! 

This healthy ingredient helps to maintain optimal intestinal health & regulate intestinal flora with 10 billion lactic acid bacteria (EC-12) and blended oligosaccharides. Vitamin E protects damaged cells as a powerful antioxidant, while phosphorus and sodium are adjusted to 0.1% to maintain kidney health. 

The tasty and healthy Kenko Pouch contains a highly nutritious creamy paste that will give your kitty a health boost!  

Tuna, Sunflower Oil, Protein Hydrolyzate, Lactosucrose, B-Glucan (From Baker's Yeast), Heat-Treated Lactic Acid Bacteria, Thickening Agents (Modified Starch, Jelly Agents), Potassium Citrate, Vitamin E.

Nutritional Information |

Crude Protein 6.0% or more
Crude Fat 0.9% or more
Crude Fiber 0.1% or less
Crude Ash 0.9% or less
Moisture 89.2% or less

Weight | 40g x 24