Aixia Miaw Miaw Premium Tuna With Whitebait In Jelly Pouch Cat Food (35g x 24 )

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Has increased amount of AI Peptide for mental health. Additive-free bonito stock made from natural ingredients.

Pamper your cat with Miaw Miaw Premium. It uses an increased amount* of AI Peptide that supports the maintenance of the mental health of your cat, a little more premium than usual (*Miaw Miaw juicy ratio).

The additive-free bonito stock made from natural ingredients adds to the flavour while carefully selected premium ingredients makes this a delicious premium dish any time.

Fish (Skipjack tuna, Tuna, Whitebait, Skipjack tuna broth, Fish peptide), Lactosucrose, Jelly agents, Vitamins E.

Nutritional Information
Crude protein: 7.5% or more, crude fat: 0.3% or more, crude fiber: 0.1% or less, crude ash content: 1.6% or less, moisture: 89.4% or less.

Made In Thailand

Weight | 35g x 24Β