Beaphar Cat Litter Deodoriser Powder 400g

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For ever, banish litter tray scents! This groundbreaking new product captures urine and kills the odors that come from used cat litter. The lifetime of your cat litter will double with one application. The Cat Litter Deodoriser is entirely biodegradable, pH-neutral and absolutely healthy. The unique technology of urine encapsulation easily leaves the litter odor free, and this is preserved by the blend of pleasant bacteria that subsequently consume the urine. Urine encapsulation works so easily that the product only needs a little perfume, which is a huge advantage, as cats dislike the scent of heavy perfumes so much that they can avoid them. Not good if you want the litter tray to be used by them!

  • Clean out the litter tray and add fresh litter.
  • Sprinkle approximately 20g Cat Litter Deodoriser over the litter. 
  • If you have one cat, one application is sufficient to keep the litter odour free for a week. 
  • In multi-cat households, you can re-apply Cat Litter Deodoriser to the used litter, or clean out the tray and start afresh.

    Weight | 400g