Beaphar Eye Gel for Cats & Dogs 5ml

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Beaphar Eye Gel, an efficient medicare product and essential in any pet first-aid kit, contains active ingredients that are carefully formulated to soothe and alleviate dry and irritated eyes, protect and repair good eye health.

Beaphar Eye Gel is made especially for all pets, including dogs , cats, birds and small animals, and effectively soothes and relieves dry, irritated eyes, suitable for daily use. In order to provide immediate relief and minimize irritation caused by dry eyes, it is a sterile liquid gel that is simple to apply, gradually softening and melting over the cornea after application. It also includes Vitamin A, which encourages good eye health and natural healing, to help protect and fix the surface of the eye.

There are many factors that can cause our pet's eyes to become irritated and inflamed, including smoke, pollen, dust, aerosols and even grass, straw and sawdust from tiny animal bedding. Beaphar Eye Gel is a pet first-aid essential, which comes in a practical travel size suitable for use at home or on the go while you are with your pet, a perfect way to help your pet's eyes naturally clean dust and debris away.

  • Effective medicare eye treatment
  • Carefully formulated to soothe and relieve dry and irritated eyes
  • Helps to protect and repair the surface of the eye, thanks to Vitamin A inclusion
  • Lubricates the cornea upon application
  • Helps the eye to naturally clean dust and debris away
  • Suitable for all pets, big and small
  • A first-aid essential for pets

Ingredients | Vitamin A, Carbomer.

How to Use | On the vent, remove the screw cap. Keep your pet gently but firmly and put directly on the surface of the eye a single drop of Beaphar Eye Gel, ensuring the tube does not contact the eye. In a towel, you can find it helpful to support your pet to help restrain them while you administer the gel. The gel will melt softly all over the surface of the eye.

If required, repeat this process every four hours.

Important | Beaphar Eye Gel is disposed of 28 days after opening and replaced with a new one. We recommend seeking veterinary advice if symptoms continue past 10-2 days, as there may be an underlying infection that requires medicinal care.

Weight | 5ml