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Bio Ion Deo Sanitizer Aerosol Refill - Lemon 250ml

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Bio Ion products are Japanese produced via natural process compounding 100% plants extract ionization & biotechnological formulation. Lab-tested by Prof. Sunao Kubato (a Ph.D. holder of Medicine, Japan) confirms that the product is effective and eco-safe for most usage. 

Improve your indoor air quality with Bio Ion Deo Aerosol Dispenser. These Bio Ion Deo Sanitizer Aerosol Refill Cans are only compatible with Bio Ion Deo RX900 Aerosol Dispenser. (Click on the product name to find out more!)

• 100% Plants Extract
• Non-Alcohol
• Kills 99.99% Germs
• Eliminate odor
• Disinfects & Protects Against Virus Infection
• Purifies and refreshes air quality
• Respond in 30 seconds

Ingredients | Propane (CAS#74-98-6), Butane (CAS#106-97-8), Ethanol (CAS#64-17-5), Proprietary Fragrance, Odor Neutralizer, Antibacterial Agent

Weight | 250ml

Available Scents |
Baby Powder, Lavender, Lemon, Summer, Spring Field, Peppermint, Bugs Repellent