Cardinal Remedy+Recovery Ear, Mite & Tick Control 4oz

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Cardinal Remedy + Recovery Ear Mite & Tick Control for Dogs  & Cats 

Ear Mite & Tick Control for Dogs is liquid which kills mites and ticks and is meant only for use in the dog’s ear canal. This product is a drug.

It’s important to follow the directions on the bottle while treating your dog for ear mites. If you are not sure if your dog has ear mites or is scratching his ears for some other problem, seek advice from a vet tech or veterinarian.

Pyrethrins, the main insecticide, are derived from the African Chrysanthemum flower. Shake well before using.

Pre-bathe animal with a mild shampoo and dry thoroughly. If necessary, spread coat apart with fingers to expose irritated area. Massage Hydrocortisone Medicated Lotion directly on affected area. Only a thin coat is necessary. Small applications at frequent intervals give best results. For long haired breeds it may be necessary to clip hair from irritated area to expose skin. READ DIRECTIONS FROM BACK LABEL.

Weight| 4oz