Cat H2O

Cat H2O Fresh & Filtered Water Fountain for Cats & Dogs 4L - Blue

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24-Hour Fresh & Filtered Water, Daily Oral Hygiene Plus 

*Packaging may show dog images, but they are perfectly fine and are meant for cats. This size is great for multi-cat households, and the cat packaging ones were initially meant for single-cat households by the manufacturer, thank you! :) 

Cats love running water because their instinct tells them that running water is CLEAN WATER! Let's upgrade to a Cat H2O and stay well hydrated and healthy.   

  • Daily oral hygiene while drinking water
  • Multiple drinking water levels
  • Skimmer aerates water to ensure crystal clear water
  • Super Quiet Pump System
  • Dishwasher friendly for easy cleaning
  • Certified Food Grade Housings and BPA Free
  • Simply plug into any USB adapter or socket
  • Suitable for dogs and cats
  • Powered by Electricity

Comes With
Pump & A Filter Pad Which Contains:
(1) Sponge
(2) Activated Carbon
(3) Ion-Exchange Resin

Replacement parts and dental care tablets are available and sold separately:
(Click on the product name to find out more!)

Measurements |  28 x 26 x 17cm

Colour | Blue 

Capacity | 4L