CattyMan Cat Crazy Box

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Have you noticed your cat looking a little bored lately? Give it our CattyMan Cat Crazy
Box to keep them entertained! Cat Crazy Box is a light movable cat playing box with a
hanging toy hidden inside but is visible through the holes on the box that encourages
your cat to bat at it. The mere sight and sound the toy makes triggers your catā€™s natural
hunting instinct and tap into your catā€™s innate desire to stalk, chase, and pounce at the
box. Cats will find this box so fun and exciting.

A set includesĀ |Ā 6 pieces of Cardboard, 1 Ball Toy, 1 UFO Toy, 10 Rings, 2 Stoppers, 1
Propeller, 1 Elastic Strap

MaterialĀ |Ā (Box) Cardboard, (Ball Toy) Rubber String, Polyester, (UFO Toy) Cardboard,
Rubber String, PVC

Assembled Box SizeĀ |
Ā 25cm x 25cm x 25cm

CautionĀ |Ā Your cat will be spending more time with this box than you!

Made in Vietnam