Dear Deer

Dear Deer Freeze Dried Meal Booster for Cats & Dogs 120G

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Dear deer is made from New Zealand deer ranch deer. It is an excellent freeze dried daily treat and supplements that has no additives and preservatives added! It is a safe, energy giving healthy food for your pet!

Dear Deer Meal Booster Pet Supplements is made from free range grass fed deer that forage in the natural landscape of New Zealand. With the freedom to roam in wild lush pastures, our deer are free from antibiotics and artificial growth hormones. The product is untainted, nutritious and wholesome. Extremely rich in protein and minerals like zinc, iron, selenium and so on. Exceptionally high in vitamin A and B12 which is vital for smooth functioning of several critical body processes and healthy red blood cells. Provides an important source of energy. Made with 100% New Zealand deer ranch sourced venison and is freeze dried to contain all the essential nutrients.

  • Made from a flavorful combination of deer sinew, bone, venison, blood and liver.
  • Freeze-dried, filler-free, nutrient-dense treat high in vitamins and minerals that may enhance immunity
  • Recommended: For all cats and dogs, especially picky eaters

Ingredients Sinew, Bone, Venison, Blood, Liver & Heart of deer. 

Nutritional Information |

  • Protein (Min.)                       63.8%
  • Fat (Min.)                                24.2%
  • Moisture (Max.)                      6.2%
  • Crude Fiber (Max.)                 9.9%
  • Energy (Kcal/100g)                  429

Recommended Daily Serving |

  • Serve as toppers to add nutrient and favor to daily diet.
  • Serve as treats for training and healthiness of pet.

Weight | 120g