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DooDoo Buster Soy Cat Litter (Pellet) - Detector 2 x 6L

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One of the most common chronic diseases in cats is kidney disease, as we all know. The pH value should be maintained between PH 6 and 6.5 of healthy cat urine .

If the urine has higher acidity, the DooDoo Buster Detector Cat litter can change color to red. So the first step should be taken by the owner to change the cat's diet to avoid any problems. If the issue persists, however, then the owners of Cat may decide to bring the cat for check-up to the Vet clinic.

The DooDoo BUSTER Detector is designed to help show the level of acidity in the urine of a cat. Acting like a litmus paper, according to the acidity level of your cat's urine, it changes colour.

It is the first indicator for cat owners to understand your cat’s health condition.

After cat urinates on the DooDoo Buster detector, within 5 seconds:

Colour change toward Red=Acid level is high

Colour change toward Blue=Alkaline level is high

Designed to make it easy for cats to transit to the environmental friendly soy litter. Taiwan design and technology.


  • Using food grade material, manufactured in a food processing factory. Safe if ingested
  • Acceptable by most cat because it’s near to natural sand feel on their paw
  • 100% Biodegradable litter, flushable in small quantity
  • Dust-free, non-toxic, high absorbent rate and odour control 250%

      Instructions to Use |

      Pour the cat litter into a litter box and lay a thickness of 4-6 cm.

      It is recommended to use the DooDoo Buster Detector Soy Cat Litter once every 3 or 4 weeks for testing.

      • After 5 seconds, if the colour of the Detector Cat Litter:
      • Changes to Red: Acidity level is high.
      • Changes to Blue: Alkaline level is high.
      • Remains unchanged: Congratulations, your cat’s urine acidity is at a normal pH!

        Ingredients |
        Soy bean, corn, wood fibre

        Weight | 2 x 6L