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Earth Pet - Earth Pet Electronic Flea Trap

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Without using drugs, this Electronic Flea Trap attracts fleas with LED light. With a metallic adhesive film, the fleas are trapped. It can be put anywhere in the house and is battery-operated. Crafted in Japan.

  • Electronic Flea Trap attracts fleas with LED light without using drugs

  • Fleas are caught with a metallic adhesive sheet
  • Battery-operated
  • Can be placed anywhere in the house
  • Made in Japan

Material | 1pc Main unit, 2pcs AA battery and 1pc adhesive sheet


  • Install on the place where fleas already exist or possible places like corners of the room, alongside the wall, under furnitures like bed & couch, on the carpet & rug, etc. 
  • Replace the adhesive tape every 3 weeks. 
  • Battery lasts for 30 days at flashing mode
  • Use at night or in dark places