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Earth Pet - Everydent Tooth Brushing Water (2 Sizes: 150ml/350ml)

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Best Solution for Pets that Hate Teeth Brushing! 🦷✨

  • Shake well before use
  • Just add 5ml per 100ml of drinking water
  • Refreshing green tea extract
  • Effective dental lactic acid (probiotics) added to help prevent plaque and tooth decay
  • Pet's favourite milk + mint flavour! 

| Quercus Stenophylla Extract, Green Tea Extract including Catechin Dextrin, Heat Treated Lactic Acid, Nisin, Sodium Benzoate, pH Controller, EDTA-Na, Aromatic & Distilled Green Tea including Green Tea Extract. 

Weight | 150ml / 350ml

Country of Origin | Japan