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Earth Pet - JoyPet Everydent Toothpaste 40g

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To stop plaque / tartar adhesion and bad breath, use Everydent Toothpaste. Made to refresh and preserve your pet's oral hygiene with green tea extract and dental lactic acid. Comes in the mint taste of pet-favourite milk.

  • Reduces plague, tartar and bad breath
  • Made with green tea extract
  • Milk-mint flavoured
  • Suitable for both cats and dogs

Ingredients |Β 
Erythritol, yolk powder, dextrin, heat treated lactic acid, D-sorbitol, glycerin, cyclodextrin, emulsion, carboxymethyl-cellulose sodium, aromatic, pH controller, disodium edetate, trehalose, parahydroxybenzoic acid, distilled green tea including green tea extract

Weight | 40g