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Earth Pet - JoyPet Clumping Cat Litter (2 Flavour: Original & Green Tea) 6 X 6L

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Green pea cat litter
Earth Pet Green Pea Original Clumping Cat Litter is designed for strong absorption by pea fibers in cat litter. With added pea, bamboo and baking soda, it creates a strong deodorising effect that removes odor effectively. It clumps fast, safe and natural as well as environmentally friendly.

  • Powerful absorption by fibers in peas
  • Strong deodorizing effects of bamboo , sodium bicarbonate
  • Economical small pallets
  • Natural

    Ingredients |
    Peas, Bamboo, Baking Soda

    Instructions |
    Fill up your litter box with Earth Pet cat litter. Dispose of them by throwing it into the garbage or flushing it down the toilet.

    Weight | 6 X 6L