Furrytail Purple PVC Kittiperch

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Any cat owner will know that cats prefer to sleep and hang out in high places with good views. This is attributed to their self-preservation instincts. Also, being in a high position allows them to spot potential dangers around them. Introducing Furrytail's Purple Kittiperch where your kitties can sleep and chill while looking over a nice view. 

The Furrytail Purple Kittiperch comes with a sturdy suction that holds it in place as it hangs on strong cables while providing your cat with an unobstructed 360° view

The Kittiperch can hold up to a maximum of 18kg which makes it suitable for large cats too. With its thick but soft PVC base and durable iron pipe frame, Kittiperch offers a cozy and comfortable hangout platform for your kitties. 

Frame Size: 570mm x 326mm
Hammock Size: 434mm x 326mm
Total Height: 600mm

Materials | PVC, Iron Pipe, Polyester, Zinc Alloy

Weight | Net Weight: 1kg

Can be washed with soap and water. Wipe dry.

The Furrytail Kittiperch is also available in Orange Canvas material! Click here to find out more! :)