Honeycare Pet Training Pee Pad (3 Sizes: Small/Medium/Large)

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High-Density Funnel System 
Honeycare’s Pet Training Pads are constructed with a high-density, funnel-shaped structure to prevent reverse osmosis, side leakage and tracking. 

Superior Odour Control 

Honeycare’s Pet Training Pads are infused with natural wood grains that are bacteriostatic. This allows excellent bacterial and odour control. 

Ultra Absorption 

Honeycare’s Pet Training Pads offer 6 layers of protection, to easily contain 1000cc of liquid without leakage. Using high-performance absorbent polymer imported from Japan, each pad offers long-lasting absorption and quick drying, leaving the top surface fresh after use. 

Leak Proof 

Honeycare’s Pet Training Pads feature a 100% waterproof polyethylene base layer.
This allows our pads to be lightweight, anti-infiltration and leak-proof. 


    Small 33 x 45cm (80 Pcs)
    Medium 45 x 60cm (40 Pcs)
    Large 60 x 90cm (20 Pcs)