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*LIMITED EDITION* Good Noze Gladys' Kit

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Very limited boxes were packed for this special promotion! Grab a box to try Good Noze now!

What's in the Bundle?
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Good Noze freeze dried petfood is formulated to mirror your pet’s ancestral diet and is the perfect alternative to wet raw food. The freeze drying process we use gently locks in all the nutrients found in raw meat, while only removing the moisture.

What that means is that it has all the health benefits of raw food, but the convenience of dry food. The result is tasty meat morsels, full of intense flavour. This is the real deal in terms of 100% natural ingredients and your pet will recognise this and lick the plate clean. This is real meat, not a biscuit or a kibble.

No artificial preservatives, grain, gluten, GMOs, wheat, corn, rice, soy, dairy, cereals, colours or flavours. Guaranteed.

It’s simply delicious, raw food. Your pet will love you for it.