Moderna Mega Step Litter Tray ( Available in Warm Grey & Hot Pink )

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The best solution for larger cats and multi-cat households… It’s mega

  • Easy to clean with warm soapy water
  • Premium quality plastic for long lasting use
  • Raised backside keeps litter, dirt & liquids safely inside the box
  • Perforated front on the rim for minimal litter spread when leaving
  • Snap clamps allow easy removal of the rim
  • Design avoids litter from scattering

Our Mega Step is the larger version of our Comfy Step and ideal for larger cats and multi-cat households.

It has a perforated entry step which keeps litter inside when your feline steps out of the box, keeping spilled litter to a bare minimum.

The high-backed rim equally ensures litter stays inside the box. The removable rim is easy to take off and replace by clicking it back into place and can be cleaned with warm soapy water.

The Mega-Step is BPA-free, non-toxic, and made with 100% recyclable premium plastics.

    Measurements | L 65.6 x W 48.2 x H 28.5 cm