Moderna Maasai Trendy Cat Large Litter Box 50cm

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  • Scratch & UV-proof IML design
  • Translucent door for added privacy
  • Comes with an easy to carry handle
  • Available in different sizes for every breed
  • Easy to clean with warm soapy water
  • Premium quality plastic for long lasting use

Aren’t these the most stylish cats you have ever seen? Totally no need to hide your box away!

Cleaning time is reduced to a minimum, thanks to the included scoop, with convenient storage spot.

Does your cat loves to scratch? Don’t worry! The Maasai litterbox is Scratch & UV-proof thanks to the special decorating technique, called IML (In Mould Label). And rest assured your cat will highly appreciate the semi-translucent door for added privacy.  

When you want to relocate the Maasai box, no stress, this litter box comes with an easy to carry handle. The box is also very easy to clean with just some warm soapy water.

And of course, here again, we use premium quality plastic for long-lasting use and extra durability.

Measurements | L 50 x W 39.1 x H 38.9 cm