Pawise Cat Post - Corner Madrigal

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Pawise Corner Cat Post Madrigal is designed to be a space-saving and stylish post that will fit snugly in a corner of your crib due to the quadrant-shaped base. It has everything a cat needs to stimulate his natural scratching, hunting and resting needs. The quadrant-shaped cozy hideout at the bottom provides full privacy for your feline to have uninterrupted rest, with a lounging deck above where they will love to lounge on the platform, observe his people and watch the world goes by.

This scratching pole feature a seagrass wrapped scratching pole to meet your catโ€™s natural scratching needs, with a colorful hanging ball toy for your cat to bat and play with. The Pawise Corner Cat Post Madrigal is robust, easy to assemble and stylish to fit any home.

        Measurements | 30cm x 30cm x 61 cm