Pawise Cat Post - Kitty Hide N Seek

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Pawise Cat Post Kitty Hide N Seek is a cosy and spacious cat tower that combines both play-exercise and resting at the same time. It features 2 observation decks, one on the bottom floor and one on the top. The top deck allows your cat to enjoy an uninterrupted 360º view of the surrounding where your cat will love to lounge on to observe his people and watch the world goes by.

There is also a cosy hideout in the middle which provides full privacy for your feline to have some quality alone time and uninterrupted rest. This scratching pole feature multiple seagrasses wrapped scratching poles to meet your cat’s natural scratching needs. Made with a combination of wood and vegetable fibres, and adorned with polyester-based faux fur, this luxurious cat post offers nothing but top-quality comfort. The Pawise Cat Post Kitty Hide N Seek is robust, easy to assemble and stylish to fit any home.

  • Robust and easily assembled
  • Multiple seagrass wrapped scratching poles
  • Divert attention to scratching post instead of furniture
  • Stylish to fit any home
  • 2 decks for resting and lounging
  • Cozy hideout for beauty sleep
  • Adorned with polyester faux fur
  • Velvety and comfortable
  • Suitable for cats of all sizes and life stages

                Measurements | L45 x W45 x H110 cm