Pawise Cat Post - Lawrencer

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Pawise Cat Post Lawrencer is a dream come true for every cat. Everything that your cat wants to play with is right here in this cat post.

The Lawrencer features multiple coconut-fibre scratching poles that your cat will love to sink his claws into. It also has an S-curve scratcher at the base for the cat that likes something different apart from it regular scratching habits from time to time. For lounging and resting, there is a cosy hideout in the centre of the post where your cat can enjoy privacy and have uninterrupted rest. On the top of the post are 2 cosy beds where your cat can nap and lounge on, allowing him to enjoy an uninterrupted 360ΒΊ view of the surrounding where he will love to observe his people and watch the world goes by.

As for interactive play, there is one tunnel suspended from under the middle deck where your cat can jump in and out of the tunnel from the ground level, allowing him to have fun and exercise at the same time. Adorned fully in plush, this scratching post will definitely guarantee comfort with a luxurious look. The Pawise Cat Post Lawrencer is robust, easy to assemble and stylish to fit any home.

  • Robust and easily assembled
  • Coconut fiber-wrapped scratching poles
  • Divert attention to scratching post instead of furniture
  • Stylish to fit any home
  • Cozy hideout for napping
  • Suspended tunnel for interactive play
  • Adorned with soft, velvety plush in cream color
  • S-curve scratcher to meet your cat scratching needs
  • 2 cozy beds on top
  • Suitable for cats of all sizes and life stages

                    Measurements | 54cm x 54cm x 127cm