Pawise Reversible Cat Scratcher

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The Pawise Reversible Cat Scratcher offers an irresistible scratching surface that cats can't resist! This corrugated cardboard allows cats to groom and trim their nails on a daily basis. Save your furniture and other household pieces by redirecting their energy to this scratcher, which becomes much more enticing when the included catnip is sprinkled on it! You and your furry feline can enjoy all of the benefits of this cat scratcher!
  • Premium catnip included
  • Attractive design, neutral colours 
  • Reversible and lightweight for long-term use 
  • Non-toxic corn starch adhesive cardboard that is safe for your cat's health 
  • Excellent for protecting your furniture because cats like the texture of cardboard 
  • The concave-convex design allows for better scratching and a more relaxed resting and playing environment. 
  • Vast surface area to accommodate several or bigger cats while still providing enough scratching area. 
  • Encourage appropriate scratching conduct when satisfying your cat's innate scratching instincts.

Measurements | L 34.5cm x H 9cm