Peppytail True Probiotics 10 DAY TRIAL PACK (for cats)

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Promotes better digestion and immunity. Helps to maintain healthy gut and strong kidneys. Made from fermented beans which allows more than 80% active probiotics to reach small intestine.

Peppytail True Probiotics Cat Supplement is a daily supplement specially formulated to boost kidney function, as dehydration or low water intake in cats can easily cause renal failure.

Through lowering your cat’s urea nitrogen and creatinine levels, Peppytail True Probiotics Cat Supplement can help prevent chronic kidney failure, a common cause of death in older cats.

Peppytail True Probiotics Cat Supplement also helps to break down food, and in the gut, secretes lactic acid, cleaning the bowel walls and preventing harmful bacteria from multiplying.

By introducing the beneficial live bacteria & yeast, Peppytail True Probiotics Cat Supplement also helps boost digestion and gut health, promotes better skin and improves bad breath.

Peppytail True Probiotics Cat Supplement uses patented vegetable probiotics made from fermented beans which are resistant to stomach acids & bile in order to reach the intestines.

Unlike animal probiotics where more than 90% ends up being destroyed by the stomach, at least 80% of Peppytail True Probiotics Cat Supplements probiotics will be able to be effective.

Peppytail True Probiotics Cat Supplement is completely odourless, making it easy to feed to picky cats who are sensitive to different scents, just by simply mixing it into their daily meal.

The safe and natural Peppytail True Probiotics Cat Supplement does not contain any artificial ingredients like silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, synthetic sweeteners or colourings.

Ingredients |
Components of bacteria strains used: Lactobacillus fermentum, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus paracasei.

Other ingredients: B. lactis, Lc. lactis, ST. thermophilus, Dextrin, Isomaltose.

Nutritional Information | (per sachet)
Beneficial Bacterias Culture 1.0 X 10^7cfu/g.
L. fermentum 2.0 X 10^6cfu/g.
L. plantarum 2.0 X 10^6cfu/g.
L. rhamnosus 2.0 X 10^6cfu/g.
L. acidophilus 2.0 X 10^6cfu/g.
L. paracasei 2.0 X 10^6cfu/g.

Suitable For
Cats above 3 months old.

Feeding Instructions |
3 - 6 months: half a sachet daily.
6 - 12 months: 2/3 of a sachet daily.
>12 months: one sachet daily.

Country Of Origin | South Korea

Weight |
10 Sachets: 20g (2g per stick).