Petkin Deodorizing Liner Vanilla 6pcs

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Keep your litter box fresh and clean with new aromatherapy scented deodorizing litter box liners. Heavy duty scratch resistant liners are  size to fit most litter boxes. Lasting scent keeps litter box fresh longer. Convenient drawstring closure makes for easy . Just pull, close and toss! Ideal for multiple cat households.
  •  Jumbo size drawstring liners fit most litter boxes.
  •  Tear resistant and heavy duty for fast and easy .
  •  Ideal for multiple cat households.

            Contains natural ingredients; Packaging is recyclable

            Usage Instruction|

            • Remove one liner from  and fit into  of  litter box.
            • Fold edges of liner over sides and pull  to tighten.
            • Add litter as usual.
            • For easy cleanup, remove  from  box. Pull drawstrings to close and dispose
              of liner 
              and contents in waste receptacle.

            Content| 6pcs