PETKIT - Air MagiCube Smart Odour Eliminator

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4 Effects - Deodorizing, Antibacterial, Formaldehyde Removing, and Antiviral combined into one product, the Air MagiCube Smart Odour Eliminator. Created for large spaces, it cares for the health of your family and pets by improving air quality with the 4 effects. 

Controllable with the PETKIT App: Schedule timings, choose from 4 modes (Auto/Silent/Normal/Strong), control lights, and more. 

Unique Airway System 
Following aerodynamics, the 4D stereoscopic wind blows through specially-designed arcs and uses a health-delivery effect to envelope the entire space in its aerosol. 

Prompt Deodorizer Dissipation
Effectively removes hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, and ammonia from the air and prevents micro-organisms from developing. Place it in the area where the odour occurs.

Dual-Layer Absorption Filter
The powerful suction effect of the odour purifier can filter floating pet hair. The filter can be easily disassembled and easily cleaned with water.

Readable LED Display
Intelligent working modes and customized reminders are clearly visible, and the bright panel allowed your fingers to glide easily across it.

+ Comes with a 300ml concentrated air-purifying refill! [Click here to find out more about the refill product]

Material | ABS.

Measurements |
Product Size: 18 x 18 x 21.3 cm 

Weight | 3kg

Click here for an introductory video!

Click here for a video on How To Bind Your Air Magicube Smart Eliminator with PETKIT App!