PETKIT - Cozy Smart Temperature Pet House

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Using smart temperature controls, the Cozy Pet Bed creates the most comfortable sleeping place according to ambient temperature, with a skin-friendly fabric pad. It connects to the PetKit app and can also be adjusted using the long-range remote via the app!

Controlled via the PetKit App
The Cozy temperature controlled pet bed can be adjusted using the Petkit App, with temperature adjustments made on a sliding scale. It is also possible to turn the Cozy pet bed on and off using the app, meaning you can activate this from work or at home.

Smart Temperature Control
The ambient temperature and humidity sensors work together in the Cozy Pet Bed to monitor the device and adjust the temperature automatically, heating up during a thunderstorm and cooling down when it's blazing hot, to ensure that your pet always has a comfortable resting place.

Circular Shape Provides Security
Inspired by embracing pets, the circular shape of this snuggly home hugs your pet and keeps them feeling safe and secure.

Built-In Sensors
Hidden infrared sensors accurately monitor your pet's movement in and out of the house, recording the use of the pet bed and providing you with insight into your pet's behaviour.

Measurements |
Product Size: 43 x 42.3 x 39 cm

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