Petmate Cat Litter Pan Liners (3 Sizes: Jumbo, Large, Medium)

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Petmate Litter Box Liners make controlling odors and keeping your house fresher simple. These disposable plastic liners make for easier litter box cleanup allowing pet parents to remove all the old litter in one quick step. Designed for easy installation and removal. Simply spread the liner over the litter pan so that it overhangs rim on all sides. Press the center of the liner down to the bottom of the litter pan and smooth outward. Prevents clumps from sticking to the bottom of the pan and more frequent litter changes are key to keeping a bacteria-free environment for your cat. Great for all box types.

  • Makes clean up a snap. Line the box with a new liner, and when it's time to change the litter, simply secure the liner shut with provided twist ties and disposed.
  • Available Sizes
  • Jumbo - 36.8 X 7.4 in. 
  • Large - 31.8 X 17.5 in. 
  • Medium - 28.3 X 13 in. 

Quantity| Jumbo 8pcs
                 Large  12pcs
                 Medium 15pcs