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Petz Route - Dragonfly Sparkly Cat Stick Toy

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Petz Route was founded in Japan in 1988 dedicated to making high quality pet toys & supplies.

Here's a collection of sparkly cat stick toys made with cats' favorite "Kashakashahane" film! Their hunting instinct will be stimulated and they will get excited to try biting the tip as hunting practice. This is not a chew toy, please play gently and with supervision.

  • Long String
  • Sparkly Materials
  • Fun for hours
  • Bonding with pet
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Encourage exercise for pet
  • Handmade in Japan
  • 4 Designs Available: Bee, Dragonfly, Fish, Mouse

Country of Origin | Japan

Materials Vinyl chloride, polyester, rayon


Rod length: 45 (approx. Cm)
String length: 70 (approx. Cm)
Package size: Width 75 x Height 495 x Depth 10 (approx. Mm)