Petz Route

Petz Route - Natural Silk Stick Chew Chew (Adjustable Rope)

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Petz Route was founded in Japan in 1988 dedicated to making high quality pet toys & supplies.

A wonderful natural toy for cats' hunting instincts as they get excited to biting the Natural Silk Cocoons! However, by being made with natural silk, it may be fragile and must be played with supervision and when swung around for separate bites than a long bite! Have fun chewing!

  • 100% Natural Silk Cocoons
  • Great dental benefits for cats with uneven Silk Cocoon surfaces
  • Removes foreign substances on cat teeth upon biting on Silk Cocoons
  • Adjustable Ropes! Pull on either ends to adjust length for each side!
  • Little Strap to Hang on walls, etc.
  • Fun for hours
  • Bonding with pet
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Encourage exercise for pet

Country of Origin | Japan

Materials |  Vinyl chloride, natural silk (100% silk), rayon, polyester, polypropylene


Overall length: 155-160 (approx. Cm)
Rod length: 46 (approx. Cm)
Package size: (W) 95 x (H) 550 x (D) 40 (approx. Mm)