Pidan 2 + 1 Cat Scratcher

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Perfect as an entertainment and resting station, the pidan 2 + 1 Cat Scratcher features 3 double-sided scratching boards for double the fun. These scratchers can endure rigorous scratching for an extended period, plus when one side becomes worn out, you can just flip it over to the other side.

2 + 1 Cat Scratcher is made of high-density corrugated paper, has a double-sided design, and it's eco-friendly and wear-resistant.

(Product: Black) L 42.75 cm, W 30 cm, H 13.5 cm
(Product: Yellow) L 36 cm, W 30 cm, H 45 cm
(Product: B&W Stripes) L 45 cm, W 30 cm, H 13.5 cm
(Packaging) L 47.2 cm, W 30.5 cm, H 13.5 cm

Weight | 2.12 kg

Material Corrugated Paper