Pidan Air Bed (Foldable Hammock)

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Cats are always curious and they love looking at the world from high places. The pidan Air Bed is a hammock like bed that you can installed on your window, giving your cats a chance to enjoy the view, sunbathe and take healthy naps.

  • Easy folding feature to save space when not in use
  • Supports pet weight up to 20 kg
  • Comes with a fun scratch pad to be placed on the bed

The pidan Air Bed can be attached effortlessly to tiles or glass surface through the use of 4 strong suction cups. They can support weight of up to 20 kg. It also comes with a scratch pad that can be placed on the bed.

To install the Air Bed, clean the surface and make sure that the suction cups are dust-free. Press them firmly against the surface until there’s no air between the suction cup and the surface, screw on the cap tightly.

Material | Acrylic, beech, polyester fiber

Measurements | L 58 cm, W 45 cm, H 62 cm

weightNet Weight: 975 g