Pidan Cat Matching Harness & Leash Set - A2 Vibrant Monster

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The Pidan Cat Matching Harness & Leash Set is a unique new fashion for cat walking! The product is made of silk and dacron, which make it soft and more durable. The POM-based self-releasing buckle allows a firm fixation as well as a rapid response to an emergency situation! 

Many cat owners miss out on the wonderful experience of taking their cat for walks because they think their cat won’t like it. The truth is that some cats love walking – almost as much as dogs! Whether you’re taking your cat for a walk around the neighbourhood, to the vet, or to groomers, a harness gives your cat the ability to explore the outdoors safely. 

The Pidan harness comes with a matching leash and is size adjustable. 

Measurements |
Neck: 20 to 31 cm
Chest: 26 to 43 cm
Leash: L 122 cm, H 0.12 cm

Weight | 61g

Materials | Dacron, POM, Zinc Alloy