Pidan Cat Scratcher Wave

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Cat's love being able to stretch and scratch at the same time. Which makes this scratcher a favourite! Comes with a replaceable scratcher board. Clean and simple design with a durable base and aluminum alloy support legs.

  • Sleek design: Clean and minimal look fits any home, three setting ways, triple the fun
  • Considerate: Wave base will hold your sprinkle of catnip to keep your cat coming back
  • Quality and durability: Densely packed cardboard = longer and durable fun
  • Less work for shedding: Less vacuuming needed cleaner home, plastic wave base catches cardboard bits                                                                                 

    MaterialsCorrugated Paper

    Measurements | 43.8 × 4 × 2.7 cm

    Weight | Net Weight: 0.7 kg / Gross Weight: 0.94 kg