Pidan Dino & Friends Cat Scratcher

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This super cute multi-piece scratcher allows endless reconfiguration so cats won’t get bored and they can scratch on every surface for extended use!

Dino & Friends Cat Scratcher is made of high-density corrugated paper, has a double-sided design, and it's eco-friendly and wear-resistant.


(Product: Yellow) L 19 cm, W 47.1 cm, H 25 cm
(Product: Purple) L 49 cm, W 11.4 cm, H 25 cm
(Product: Green) L 37 cm, W 15.6 cm, H 25 cm
(Packaging) L 49.8 cm, W 25.7 cm, H 28.3 cm

Weight 3.25 kg

Material Corrugated Paper