Sanicat Duo Ultra Clumping Litter 2 x 10L

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Sanicat Duo Ultra Clumping Litter ensures maximum hygiene for your cat. 

It has great absorption capabilities and forms clumps to make it easy to clean up and maintain the cleanliness of the litter. The granules do not stick on the cat's paws. The litter also controls odor well and features a fragrant combination of vanilla and mandarin orange scents that will please cat and pawrent alike.
  •  Features vanilla and mandarin orange fragrances
  •  Clumping litter for easy maintenance
  •  Absorbs in high capacity
  •  Effectively controls odor.

Made in Turkey

Ingredients | White bentonite 99% (Volume), Additives 1% (Volume).

Usage Guidelines|
  •  Fill up the tray with a 8 - 10 cm layers of litter.
  •  For longer-lasting performance, remove the clumps from the tray daily. Do not   dispose of used product down the toilet
  •  And top up with new litter
  •  Completely replace the product once it has been used up and has lost its   hygienic  properties
  •  Discard in the rubbish bin in accordance with the local regulations
  •  Wash the tray with warm water and soap.
Weight | 2 x 10L