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Seashell Massage & Grooming Comb (2 Colours Available)

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Gentle Curved-Tooth Comb

Under a coat of cat fur is the skin of our delicate kitties. Unlike steel tooth comb, our silicone-plastic comb will not easily scratch the skin of the cat, making grooming time an enjoyment instead of unpleasant scratching. Great for long-haired cats!


Reduced Hair Knots & "Flying Hair"

With our curve designed comb, it helps to greatly reduce the groomed fur from flying around the house and at the same time reducing the chances of cat hair loss caused by hair knot occurrences.


Ergonomic Grip

Comb & groom your cat effortlessly with a comfortable half arc handle designed for comfort. 


Country of Origin | China

Colours Available | Ocean Blue, Starfish Pink